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today," tackling tax cuts. president obama sets the stage for a showdown with republicans over plans to stimulate the economy. devastation in detroit. flames sweep through dozens of homes in michigan. and no horsing around. florida officials take no chances with a toy pony bomb scare. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. and today we begin with getting personal. president obama will dig deep during his speech in cleveland today where according to adm administration officials he'll draw on his own personal background to convince voters that he knows what it's like to struggle through tough times. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with more on how the
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president plans to reexcuse the company. >> one of the harshest critics is from john boehner in a region that's been hit hard by unemployment. the president expected to urge congress to let the bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy, individuals earning over $200,000 and couples over the $50,000, plus he wanted to spend $50 billion on transportation projects and create $200 billion in business tax breaks allows small businesses to write off business investments giving them more money to hire new workers. >> we're talking investments tomorrow that are creating thousands of private sector jobs right now. >> reporter: all of it ending for tax breaks by big companies. they say it's the wrong approach. >> i don't think americans want any more stimulus coming out of washington. we need to get our arms out of
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out of control spending. >> it's to aid democrats in november that's sick of washington politics. >> the state of the nation is what should be the driving force and not whether you do it by republicans or somewhere in between. >> president obama hoping the promise of more jobs will convince voters to stiek with his party. of course, the president can't get any of this done without congress and specifically without republicans here, and most of the members of congress this year up for re-election. >> tracie, thank you. bp is in the spot light as it prepares to release an in-depth report on the gulf oil disaster. bp accepts some but not all of the blame for the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. critics are already questioning the credibility compiling by mostly bp employees with the inevitable task to exposing the company to a landslide of legal
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liability or pointing the finger elsewhere. meanwhile some good news from a government data report showing mike robes are consuming the oil in the gulf without depleting the oxygen in the water. firefighters are fighting to contain fires in detroit. 50 miles an hour and dry conditions are fueling flames that have so far consumed at least two dozen homes. it also toppled several lines throughout the city leaving at lease 113,000 homes without electricity. it's one of the worst he's seen more than 35 years with the department. so far luckily there have been no injuries reported. and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in oklahoma a man is behind bars after leading police on a three-county high-speed chase in a car jacked vehicle. police say the suspect and an
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police who was later captured were part of a try-county crime spree which involved a shooting and at least four other carjackings. the suspect finally surrendered after a wheel blowout. a school was under lock down after a protrucing stuffed pony was seen with wires. they did not take any chances. they blew the stuffed animal to bits. no explosives were found inside. and in new york former flight attendant steven slater faced a judge on criminal mischief charges. slater facing several charges after cursing a passenger and slid down an emergency exit chute will see a psychologists who evaluation will factor into plea deal negotiations which could qualify him for community service rather than jail. and for a look at your
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national and regional weather, we welcome back in meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> we welcome it in. this is about it. i'm sure a lot of students and teachers won't complain. it was a hot day yesterday in many areas. this cold front that's racing through the great lakes will arrive for everyone by the time tomorrow comes by. now, we have an active weather map. hermine is still producing heavy rains and flooding conditions from dallas down to austin and on the west coast, another big storm. so all of a sudden you're looking like fall on the weather map with a lot of strong kots and areas of big pressure. here's the cool air rushing down through the great lakes. it will be a chilly start to your day around chicago, detroit, back to minneapolis and just that heavy rain threat down through texas all day long. look at the spin and the swirl. you're going to get soaked all day. our computers are estimating at least as much as three to four
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inches of rain from abilene to ft. worth. texas is soggy. enjoy one more day of summer weather. but here's that cool stuff back in the northern plains that will head to the east coast tomorrow. that's a look at the national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. you can see the temperature differential. look at milwaukee, a high of 68. your morning lows will be chilly in the and 50s in much of wisconsin. lynn, when we come back, i'll let you know how much cooler it's expected to be. it's all about you today. we're going to give the lynn forecast. >> and everybody el on the even seaboard. okay. thank you, bill. well, a rude return on wall street, big breakfast plans, and what's in the word, more accurately a nonword. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus, he's known for keeping his emotions in check on the
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field, but according to reports the same can't be said of his girlfriend. another milestone for trevor hoffman, possibly the biggest loss of reggie bush's career. you're watching "early today."
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good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. u.s. forces are investigating what caused a kurdish iraqi soldier to open fire on a group of soldiers yesterday in northern iraq killing two and wounding nine others. two americans were the first u.s. service mebs to be killed in iraq since the obama administration declared an end to combat operations last week. government officials are turning up the pressure on a florida pastor who's planning to burn copies of the koran on saturday's anniversary of september 11th terror attacks.
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the plan was called idiotic and dangerous and hillary clinton condemned it as disgraceful. the imam near ground zero says it will include separate prayer spaces for muslims, christians, jews, and other faiths. they promise to clearly identify its financial backers. after 21 years in office, chaufs mayor richard daley says he will not run for mayor next year. his stunning announcement yesterday opens the door for possible chief rahm emanuel who said it's no secret he'd like to run for mayor some day. and 33 men trapped underground in chill leigh got a boost when the rescuers dropped
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a mini projector allowing them to watch a soccer match against ukraine. here's an early look at how the dow will kick off the day. it opens at 10,340 after losing 107. the s&p fell 12 points, the nasdaq dropped 24. taking a look at over seas trading in tokyo the nikkei sank 220 points while in hong kong the hang seng sank 312. traders returning to wall street yesterday were immediately feared with weakness to european banks which led to an unexpected down day. "wall street journal" report that major lenders across the pond understated potentially risky holdings in government debt gave investors a reason to sell after strong gains last week, wall street's best in the past two months. most analysts took the hit in stride pointing to yesterday's light volume which tends to exaggerate market moves. still others saw reason for
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concern, particularly with so-called safe haven stock alternatives like treasuries and gold jumping. gold rose to an all-time high settling the $1, $259 a month. oracle was up after hiring mark hurd former high pressure as co-pret. meanwhile high pressure sued hurd asking to block him from oracle saying hiring him puts trade secrets in, quiet, peril. u.s. steel shares rose 4%. bristol-myers squibb says it will by biotech. boeing announcing it's slimming down its equipment service and cutting workers. the job cuts will start with 10% of the group's executives with more layoffs to come. burger king is introducing nine new breakfast items and
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planning a major breakfast blitz. and finally miriam webster's word of the summer is not even a real word. refudiate. sarah palin's attempt to splice and refudiate led it to go online. tiger makes the cut, venus marches on, and it looks like reggie bush will loose the statue. plus closer trevor hoffman hits a nice round number for hull all-time save rohr. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. tropical downpours will continue in texas today and much of the country cools off. your national forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." and in sports officials may be ready to take the unprecedented step of stripping reg j bush of the most coveted trophy in college sports. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. good morning. after the opening weekend of college football the biggest story so far has been off the field. yahoo!'s sources report that reg j bush will be stripped of his 2005 heisman trophy by the end of the month.
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according to sources they will side with the findings that bush accepted improper benefits while at usc making him ineligible during the 2005 season. they released a statement saying yahoo!'s reports are inaccurate. if he's indeed stripped of the heisman he'll be the first player in the # 5-history of the award to have it taken away. golf, tiger woods received good news. zack johnson, 21-year-old ricky fowler also made the squall. ryder cup starts october 21st and can be seen on nbc. baseball. pick it up in the eighth. tied at seventh. an rbi single down the line. phillies took the lead and also first place in the nl east with an 8-7 win. the brewers' player saved 600 games. got aaron miles to ground out. brewers beat the cards, 4-2. what in the world has gotten to
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blue jays vernon wells. last night hoe hit two homers against the rangers. toronto handed texas its fifth straight loss. u.s. open tennis, venus. two-time american champ is the loan-american left. that's because sam kwary was knocked out in a five-set match that took four hours to compete. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred rogue in. well, who does the rumor mill say the female has grabbed the lead in the new spider-man film? your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus a symbolic step forward in honor of those who lost their lives at ground zero. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. eastern seaboard. a strong day. the strong front will bring cooler temperatures tomorrow from 90 to 85 all the way down from boston. a lot of heavy rain though in texas. the cool air today is in the northern plains and that will roll all the way through the ohio valley into the earn seaboard for your thursday. d.c., 90s tomorrow only the 70s so we quickly go from summer to fall in the next few days. it should be just fine. much of the country should be dry with the exception being
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oklahoma and texas. well, if you're watching us on wdiv 4, detroit, michigan, experience the best of local artists from sculptures to painting in nearby ann arbor at the annual all media exhibition at the ann arbor art center. and that's your early event of the day, lynn. >> thank you. and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. o yoko ohno is said to be very pleased to keep her husband's killer behind bars. cited, quote, the disregard you displayed to our society and the sanctity of life. he was sentenced to 20 years to life for shooting john lennon outside his home in 1980. u.n. good will ambassador angelina jolie met flood victims yesterday, appealing to the world to come to the aid of the country. hilary duff was spotted with a script for the new spider-man film, leading to speculation she got the female lead.
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and finally a lawyer for actress minka kellie denies she had a major meltdown on a an l.a. flight after being told she couldn't put her dog on a seechlt it took all seven flight attendants, a personal plea from the pilot and a phone call from boyfriend derek jeter to calm kelly down. >> drama. >> i've got to hear what he said. >> i'm wondering when the marriage will come. >> well, you never know. i think it would be a pretty good catch for her. i don't know for him if that meltdown is true. >> she has a lot of energy. she's feisty. >> it was about first class. she wanted to put the dog on her first-class seat. we have that problem all the time, bill, right? flying in style? not so much. >> we take care of the dog. >> this comes to us from wnbc 4 new york where out of tragedy
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hopefully comes healing. construction workers at the world trade center site installed a 50-ton steel column salvage from the september 11th attacks in new york city. the support beam will serve as part of the entryway to the future 9/11 memorial and museum being built to forever commemorate the world trade center ground zero site and those who tragically lost their lives there. i'm lynn berry and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station.
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it is 74 degrees out there. it felt a little bit like summer yesterday even though now it's officially fall, at least for the kids going back to school. >> i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs today. quts welcome to news 4. there we go. >> are you ready? >> 4:30, it's very early for me. >> you can go back to your normal shift after today. >> but i love working with you. >> the debate over christmas should come to an end in loudoun county, whether holiday displays could be allowed on the lawn there. last night dozens showed up to
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speak out. jackie bensen was there. >> here in the middle of summer i'm finding out that we're attacking christmas again. >> reporter: members of the loudoun county board of supervisors faced a capacity crowd in the public hearing chamber. dozens of residents signed up to speak on a controversial issue, should religious displays continue to be permitted on the grounds of the historic loudoun county courthouse. >> the proper place is on religious or private property. when are we going to stop and recognize the lord? that's the reason that we're here. >> reporter: some were concerned about possible costs to taxpayers. >> the damage to the courthouse grounds, particularly to the ir replaceable historic trees but other buildings or other plantings. >> i don't feel god needs a pony sho

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